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Destroy All Humans! - THQ Nordic veröffentlicht neues Update 1.08

THQ Nordic und Black Forest Games haben das Update 1.08 für "Destroy All Humans!" veröffentlicht. Unter anderem könnt ihr auf der PlayStation 5 und Xbox Series X/S besser spielen können.

Destroy All Humans! - Update 1.08

  • 3 new free skins (all platforms): Ain’t No Man, Worst Nightmare, Midas Touch

  • PS4 patch to unlock FPS restrictions (this will help players on PS5 as well)

  • X1X patch for improved details

  • XSX patch for improved resolution and details

  • Silhouette fight tweaks (all platforms)

  • Decreased difficulty on the final boss fight

    • Toned down enemy reinforcement spawns

    • Slightly increased the time Crypto has to get into cover

    • Slightly reduced Silhouette’s Shock-O-Mator beam damage and sweep speed

    • Removed particle exploder mines that spawn in proximity to Crypto

  • Soldier and Power Suit Grenades balancing tweaks (all platforms)

    • Increased damage dealt to enemies by enemy grenades.

  • Crypto tweaks (all platforms)

    • Ion Detonator Upgrade

    • Lowered the slowdown and duration of the Ion Detonator’s Temporal Distortionator upgrade and increased its shield regen multiplier.

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