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Immortals Fenyx Rising - Ubisoft veröffentlicht neues Update 1.03

Ubisoft veröffentlichte zu "Immortals Fenyx Rising" ein neues Update 1.03. Unter anderem Fehlerbehebungen sowie Performance- und Stabilitäts-Verbesserungen behoben. "Immortals Fenyx Rising" erschien am 3. Dezember 2020 für PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4 und Nintendo Switch.


  • [PC] Added Ultra Quality Setting support

  • Stability improvements.

  • Performance improvements on all platforms


  • Addressed an issue that prevented progress past the tutorial in certain languages.

  • [Playstation / Xbox] Addressed an issue forcing a relaunch of the game when playing during installation

  • Addressed an issue where Aphrodite would not transform into her godly form

  • Addressed a freeze when performing a fast travel action during the Far Sight tutorial


  • Dungeons live activities are no longer affected by game difficulty

  • Deleted photos in the Photomode will not reappear after reloading the game

  • Statistics in Ubisoft Connect for the Quest Completed and Myth Challenges will not go beyond 100%

  • Resolved an issues where locked chest would not unlock after defeating the enemies

  • Resolved issues preventing the completion of Athena’s Vault


  • Addressed an issue with unlocking the “Wing Nut” trophy and achievement

  • Improved weapon feedback with many world elements

  • Addressed various issues with achievements when playing on New Game Plus mode

  • [PC] Addressed an issue with unlocking the “Toot or Boot”, “Shard Miner, “Tippy top” and “C-C-C-Combo” achievements

  • [PC] Addressed an issue with unlocking the “Shard Miner” trophy

  • [PC] Addressed an issue with the unlocking the “Tippy top” trophy

  • Addressed an issue with enemy automatons having unlimited lasers

  • Resolved an issue where Fenyx falls through the world when summoning her mount

User Interface

  • [Stadia] An option to toggle Performance Mode or Quality Mode has been added

  • Upgrade items are now available at Hermes’s shop

  • HUD feedback is improved for Race activities

  • Player icon visibility has been improved on the map


  • Addressed an issue with the Constellation Challenge Orb in Eros’s Palace being stuck


  • [PC] Added Ultra Quality Setting support for several sub settings related to Shadows, Environment and Effects

  • [PS5 / Xbox Serie X] Increased particle trails resolution


  • [PC] When playing with Mouse and Keyboard, you can now also dodge by double pressing a direction button

  • [PC] Addressed the missing audio on Windows 7 and 8

  • [PS5] Improved haptic feedback on DualSense controller

  • [PS5] Reduced known issues of stuttering on PS5 performance mode


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