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ELEX II - Neues übergreifendes Konsolen - Patch veröffentlicht

THQ Nordic und Piranha Bytes haben gerade einen Konsolen-Patch für ELEX II veröffentlicht. Das Spiel ist für die Konsolen und dem PC erhältlich.

Hier sind die Patch Notes:

- Performance mode (fixed 1080p internal resolution) for PS4 Pro, PS5, Xbox One X, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X

- Fixed 'Glory to the Rabble' quest not being closed if the player joins the Albs

- Changed: The option stepper does not repeat when clicking the buttons using the mouse

- Crane will no longer be mentioned in "Recruiting for Heinrich"

- if the Player hasn't started "A bounty for Crane" yet.

- Fix works only if "Food for Crane" is still available.

- Added: Overlay if settings option need a restart of the app

- Fixed a bug where the "Voice of Khan" was unresponsive after dueling with Ruben

- Fixed some perk learn glitches

- Changed inconsistent naming of certain swords

- Changed fire texture size

- Fixed text errors

- Fixed certain graphics setting bugs

- Fixed too large VFX textures

- Bugfix in trade menu while reverting a sale when the player has no money

- Jax is now able to parry with twohanded weapons in certain situations

- Fixed certain GPU memory fragmention problems

- Fixed graphical issues

- Fixed text errors

- Fixed navigation issues of certain NPCs

- Fixed unwanted far distance visibility of Azok

- Fixed Hector not teaching thievery stuff

- Fixed Tilas not speaking with Marwin or Sid if the player had not spoken to him before

- Trolls roots are plants now

- Fixed Icon for damaged crossbow

- Jax is able to use the jetpack while falling after stumbling off a cliff now

- Fixed hit effects for rusty colossus robots

- Fixed graphical issues of certain meshes


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